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The 9/11 Museum: to Explain or Propagandize?

By Uncle Bill Warner

May 6, 2013 --New York's multi-million dollar Ground Zero Museum is becoming a national concern over the issue of charging admission or not. Every museum has a purpose, often political, such as the Simon Wiesenthal to recall the horrors of what happened, with a hidden message to support Israel, refuge for the Holocaust victims. Will he Ground Zero 9/11 museum's mission be to stir up emotion or to explore the many facts of the event.

I wonder what it will be like. There will be the obvious accounts of the personal tragedies of the victims and their families and the heroism of the fire and police personnel on the scene, photos of the destruction, and all that. But will there be any sort of extensive treatment as the "who, what, where, when, and why of 9/11?" Is there a political message hidden anywhere in its creation?

The "where" is not a problem, nor is the "when." The other issues are the ones I am concerned with, how or whether they will be presented in the interest or exploring the dimensions of 9/11.

In re: the "what." I wonder if they will give any in-depth investigation into whether the building were brought down by just the airplane crashes, or whether there was any help from planted explosives. Will the museum ignore all of the research that suggests strongly that demolition charges may have been involved, an analysis of the films that show strange unexplained phenomena that would suggest a setup job, or will the museum visitor be denied access to any of these theories? Will any effort be made to explore the fact that by some "coincidence" there was no USAF fighter protection available?

In regard to the "who" will it be prominently noted that the perpetrators, as far as we know, Saudis and Yemenis, not Iraqis? And that the U.S. government's policy which implied that Iraq and Saddam Hussein were involved, and the resulting attack and occupation of Iraq were deceptions? It was also implied that Saddam(Sunni) and Bin Laden (Shi'ite) were buddies? Will this be examined in light of the information that Bin Laden had a murder contract (fatwa) out on Hussein?

The "why" of the matter is crucial to understanding the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. Will the fact that the U.S. is hated by independence movements worldwide for our practices of supporting economically and militarily ruling elites and dictators, however corrupt? You don't deal with the "people" of a country when you want to exploit its resouces (like oil) , or its human resources (like cheap, union-free labor). You deal with the rich who own and run the country. The people often hate the U.S. for this perpetuation of their poverty, deprivation of rights, and maltreatment by this privileged class. Was it sheer coincidence that the targets were economic and military centers here instead of Disneyland? Does anyone remember Bin Laden's statement explaining the "why" of attack? It wasn't because they envied our freedom or prosperity, but that he wanted our military bases out of his country, Saudi Arabia. Will our massive support of Israel be mentioned in the Museum's story of why these terrorists, hate us.

Will the roots of what we call "terrorism" be explored? In WW II, did the self-righteous U.S. commit acts that left hundreds of thousands of "innocent" civilians dead and maimed in support of our cause? Will the usual justification for it be that it was war, and terror would help end it in our favor. The perpetrators of 9/11 considered themselves to be at war with the U.S., and having no access to huge armies or atomic weapons, used terror ...the only weapon at their disposal.

Will the Museum tend to cast the blame on Islam rather than stressing the fact that these extremists in no way represent the religion any more than our home-grown extremist terrorists like Timothy McVeigh represents Christianity? How sad it would be if museum visitors departed with misplaced hatred of the followers of Islam for something they abhor as well.

I hope its mission will be to get people to ask important questions. The central issue might well be ignored...why did this happen? If we want to avoid similar attacks in the future, would it help to examine the roots of the anti-US sentiments.

People should leave with not just sadness for the victims and appreciation of work of the valiant first responders, but with questions regarding U.S. economic and military domination of much of the world. People should also be reminded that terrorism may be the only resort for change when a downtrodden people cannot match the military might of USA. We don't call our fliers that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki "terrorists.". They were, in our case, fighters for freedom. Would it help if the museum spent some time on this...the fact that calling the 9/11 attackers "terrorists" ignores the fact that they were conducting the war against us with the only tools they could muster up? Understanding the dimension of what really happened , who did it, And why should be the most important mission of the museum.

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