A Slight Case of Pregnancy

Uncle Bill Warner

Bill WarnerA recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle revives the fears many of us had during the “Cold War” years when we took up where Hitler left off fighting Communism. At last count, I think we and the USSR had enough nuclear missiles to destroy all life on the planet, save for scorpions and cockroaches, some 25 times over. A nuclear war a la Dr. Strangelove is a real possibility in our uncertain future. Now the Pentagon is threatening nuclear war again.

Since the economic collapse of the Soviet Union, their aging nuclear arsenal is becoming more of a threat of being launched by old faulty equipment every day. Could a US attack on someone else trigger a Soviet response? Scary to even think about.

Every time a new weapon is developed it seems we use it without much thinking of where it could lead us. Got poison gas? Use it. When the machine gun came into use in WWI an entire generation of young men was mowed down…millions of them...many of whom had ridden into the war on sleek horses wearing bright dress uniforms and armed with lances and sabers.

It was supposed to be the war to end all wars. It just planted the seeds for World War II. And in that war, the thinking of the military was still in terms of WW I, battleships and 155mm artillery. By the end of that war, we were in the space age with German missiles dropping in from space on England, and the use of atomic weapons on Japan. World War II planted the seeds for a series of wars to take up where Hitler left off…containing Communism.

We brought dozens of ex-Nazi rocket scientists to the US and gave them citizenship after the war for their help in developing a delivery system for our nuclear bombs. At the same time Russia was doing the same thing, being scared of the U.S. who had sworn to bring down their system of government. We said we were building them for defense, and they said the very same thing. We both set up systems whereby either side could destroy the other in a matter of minutes from hard-silo missiles and nuclear submarines. Well, that strategic arsenal is still pretty much in place today, though we don’t talk about it much…Terry Schiavo and gay marriage being much more important than our existence on the planet.

Two countries that fear the US and its drive for global dominance are Iran and North Korea. They saw what happened when Iraq disarmed and then got invaded. They don’t want to suffer the same fate, and are developing nuclear capability. Israel long ago realized that its only hope of ultimate survival was to have a nuclear arsenal that would guarantee the annihilation of any country that dared challenge its existence. Nukes work only if they are a last-ditch resort, not a WW II "first-strike" option.

Well, the Pentagon is now talking “tactical” nukes which might be used against Iran or North Korea. Are we willing to open that nuclear Pandora's Box?

The more nuclear weapons that exist in the world, and the greater the willingness to use them for offense rather than defense, the greater the threat to our children's future. Using a “small” nuclear weapon could result in an accidental launching of the Russian arsenal at us, or once used, other countries might be more willing to use them (e.g. India and Pakistan).

Just say no to the Pentagon. A small nuclear war is like a slight case of pregnancy.

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