Of Course, the Casinos Would Be Empty

Uncle Bill Warner

My ancestors came to the U.S. from Europe without asking permission of the Native Americans. The minute we got the land away from them and had let in enough cheap labor, we blew out the light beside the Golden Door and made people ask permission to come to the land that we stole.

The Mexicans were here in the Southwest long before most of us Gringos who now want to keep them out. We took over by force of arms just as the Spanish had done before them. Might makes right? Mark Twain once said that there is not an square inch of the globe that is in possession of its rightful owners. It's the conquerors who write the laws, and fairness and morality be damned. Borders, walls, and “documentation” are artificial “legal” constructs made to try and slow down the flow of history. They never seem to work very well or for very long.

What would happen if the US suddenly decided to start helping campesinos in Chiapas or Michoacan keep their lands from being taken over by big multinational corporate farming? What would happen if we quit supporting murderous governments in places like El Salvador and Guatemala from which people are forced to flee for their lives? What if we quit subverting unionization of workers in third world countries like Mexico? If they got fair wages there, they would have less incentive to come here?

I am sick of the load of old codswallop that “they are taking jobs away from people here.” I don’t see any long lines of "our" citizens waiting to get backbreaking jobs in 100 degree heat the fields for less than a living wage. Some folks even choose to ignore the fact that the undocumented pay taxes at a higher rate than we do, if you add in their Social Security contributions from which they will never collect a dime. I also hear complaints that many are supporting their families back in Mexico. What happened to our belief in family values?

The elements of racism and elitism are not to be ignored in the whole brouhaha. It is interesting that many flag-waving Americans share the attitudes on immigration expressed most clearly by the American Nazi Party, Aryan Nations (white supremacists), and the Ku Klux Klan (check their websites for a taste of their rhetoric).

Being willing to profit from the labors of documented as well as undocumented workers, and then rewarding them with a kick in the pants for their efforts is, in my estimation not what we should be doing. In the 1860s we used cheap Chinese labor to build the Transcontinental Railroad. Their legal documents must have read, "You now have the right to be exploited legally by American business interests." "Guest workers?" Documented? Their labor supports our economy, and always has. Doesn’t that count for anything?

Another thing to consider is that putting documentation requirements into overdrive is going to involve a national I.D. card. Latinos who are American citizens are going to be constantly hassled for "their papers." To keep up the appearance of fairness, you and I will have to carry them, too.

I got my right to be here legally by being born on this side of the line, and I got my acceptance as a "real" American by being born white. Why should luck of birth give me special rights? Should everyone just go back where they came from? Whites to Europe, Blacks to Africa, etc.? Rid of all of the immigrants, we could give California back to its rightful owners. Of course the casinos would be empty….

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