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It's Impeachment Time Again

Uncle Bill Warner

Well, my friends, it looks like our President is escalating the conflict in Iraq, against the advice of many top generals, analysts, and a majority of the American People. This comes close to the “L’état, c’est moi” position of Louis XIV. The President thinks he is the state, not just an employee of the state. Despite his claim that God speaks directly to him (remember when he told the Israelis that God told him to invade Iraq?), he cannot act with impunity.

America rejected the Iraq War in the latest elections, handing over Congress to the Democrats to see if they can fix the mess the Administration has gotten us into in their quest to control the oil in the Middle East. People expect miracles, but the reality is that the President can thwart anything they try to do if he wants to. He can veto legislation, and he has already demonstrated his contempt for Congress, even when controlled by his own party, having issued over 70 “signing statements” that he does not feel compelled to enforce and law at his whim.

The old Tom Paxton song from the Vietnam war keep coming to mind.

“Lyndon Johnson told the nation, have no fear of escalation, I am trying everyone to please. Although it isn’t really war, we’re sending 50,000 more To help save Vietnam from Vietnamese.”

Why do I keep confusing Vietnam with Iraq? The architects of that war have long since admitted that Vietnam was a huge mistake. Tens of thousands of American soldiers died there trying to keep the country from holding a national unity election in which a guy we didn’t like (Ho Chi Minh) would have won. We lost, not because we lacked the will, but because the people there liked the other side better than they liked the corrupt regime we were propping up in Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City). Despite the disunity in Iraq, Iraqis are united in their desire to see us leave.

The people who have sent your sons and daughters into harm’s way, both then and now, are willing to pursue failed policies to the very last drop of our blood, although they actively avoided going to war themselves, when they had an opportunity to do so. They see war as a way of enriching themselves and their buddies, and retaining their profligate lifestyle, as long as the dying is done out of sight. Military solutions to diplomatic problems have not worked, and will not work. “Saving Iraq from Iraqis” is not worthy of the leader of the “Free World.” (Our growing contempt for human rights should cause one to choke on those words.) Had we poured the billions we have spent into helping the Iraqi people rather then killing and alienating them, where would we be today? Instead, we replaced a dictator with a puppet government with no ability to unify the nation, and then wonder why there is civil war. What ever happened to statesmanship?

A government that escalates an unwinnable war, in the face of overwhelming evidence, expert advice, and public opinion, while continuing to destroy our Constitution, max out our grandchildren’s credit cards, and needlessly waste American lives needs major adjustment. The sooner we impeach the President and Vice-President for their abuse of power, disregard for the basic American principles as set forth in our Constitution, violations of our and of international laws, arrogance, and monumental incompetence, the better. The future of America is at stake. It is time for the true patriots to stand up and say “Enough!” Its impeachment time again!

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