Time to Reclaim the Party of Lincoln?

Uncle Bill Warner

Every day I read about more plant closings and jobs flowing to China, a growing homeless population, 40 million people who can’t even afford health insurance, America being sold off to the highest bidder, and our massive debts to the rich from countries in Asia and the Middle East. We are broke! Even the Porterville Library can’t be kept open for our kids on the weekends for lack of funds! Yet, we continue to pour billions of dollars (and thousands of lives) down the rathole of the Iraq War and occupation. Trillions in debt and we are giving the rich MORE tax breaks? This is insane!

We hear glowing reports from Washington about how our economy is doing so well and improving. One wonders what these people in Washington are smoking. Remember Reagan’s failed “Supply side” economics, where if you give the rich more money, they will spend it and the benefits will “trickle down” to the common folk? Of you recall, his Budget Director, David Stockman quit after identifying it for the farce that it was. Even George Bush Sr. called it “voodoo economics.” Back in the days of Louis XIV, France’s “Sun King”, his finance minister, Colbert, tried something similar, taxing small businesses and the common man heavily while exempting the rich. Did it work then? Ever heard of the French Revolution?

Today, we see Republican-controlled Washington getting ready to give the rich $1.7 TRILLION dollars in tax cuts in the 2007 budget! This, at a time when they are permitting hundreds of big U.S. corporations to base themselves in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying any U.S. taxes and to relocate our manufacturing base overseas. Read the labels in the clothing at your local department store if you want a geography lesson. Those rich corporations and campaign contributors are sure getting a good return on their money at the expense of the rest of us! They are being allowed to destroy America. Thank you, “Party of Conservative Responsibility.” Time to look out the window to see what your policies are doing to America!

The last time we gave the rich a big tax break, did you see new factories being built with that money? No! You saw more closings. You did see a lot more rich driving expensive foreign cars, though, while the number of Americans living out of their old cars grew.

By now, most Americans have come to regard anything that comes out of the so-called “Republican Establishment” as a lie (or half-truth at best). This is sad. We went to war on a lie. We based our tax cuts on a lie. Everything this administration has done has involved secrecy and lying, from calling a plan to allow more pollution the “Clean Air Act”, to spying illegally on U.S. citizens , using torture, denying civil rights like a speedy trial with specific charges and a lawyer to people in the name of “defending freedom”, exposing a C.I.A. undercover operative just to get back at her husband who exposed the big government hoax about Saddam trying to buy nuclear materials from Niger.

They have accused Democrats as being “tax and spend” politicians, while ignoring that Clinton, a Democrat, left office with the budget deficit under control. These “borrow-and-spend” idiots, pretending to be Republicans, are still blind to the fact that you cannot keep on spending more than you take in indefinitely! It is not trickling down! Giving more tax cuts at a time when you should be raising taxes to pay off some of the debt the Republicans have incurred on their watch is sheer lunacy! Running foreign adventures on borrowed money is even crazier. Do you feel safer now than you did before the Iraq invasion?

We have stood by and watched members of the GOP disgraced one after another other for corruption, bribery, and conspiracy. We have seen our elections brazenly subverted in places like Florida and Ohio. We have supported a party without conscience that wishes to rule, not govern. We have seen the GOP abandon the moral high ground.

Today’s Republican party has sunk so low, that the only issues they seem to thrive on are divisive ones involving same-sex marriage, scapegoating undocumented workers, abortion, locking up petty criminals, and trying to turn America into a Christian theocracy.

I was once a proud Republican, and could be again if the REAL Republicans would stand up again for fiscal responsibility, statesmanship, peace, equal and civil rights, social justice, privacy, the rule of law, the environment, freedom, democracy, separation of Church and State, the general welfare, and the Constitution. Where are the true conservatives that care about America and its people? Is it time to end the insanity and reclaim the Party of Lincoln?

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