Time to Get Out of Iraq

Uncle Bill Warner

Well, it’s the third anniversary of the war in Iraq and we are still there. What do we know now that we didn’t know when we invaded?

We know now that Iraq was never a threat to us. We now know that Iraq had no WMDs, (what the the U.N. inspectors had been telling us that all along.) We now know that there was a plan to invade Iraq long before 9-11. (The Downing Street Memo) We know that the 9-11 terrorists had no Iraqis among them, and were mostly Saudis. We know that the Islamic Fundamentalists hated Saddam Hussein, his secular rule, and his rejection of Bin Laden’s ideas which would have put him out of business. We now know that the documents showing that Iraq was trying to buy nuclear material from Niger were forged.

We also know that the war has divided America terribly. We know that it is costing us almost $123,000 a minute to prosecute it! We know that Iraq is producing less oil and, has less electricity and services available than before the war. We know that Congress has no intention of rebuilding Iraq, as the funds have been used up for “security” and they are not voting any more money for reconstruction. We know that the various groups in Iraq that have deep historical hatred for each other are now free to tear at each others’ throats. A recent British military poll found that 82% of the Iraqis want us out of their country, and that 45% said that using violence against our army of occupations was O.K. We know now that there is a great possibility of violence (called by some a “civil war”) coming among the Kurds, Shia, and Sunnis in a struggle for territory, power, and religious control, with the U.S/ troops caught in the middle and not allowed to take sides. We know that our troops there are now viewed as targets, not as liberators.

We know that we have lost the moral high ground in the world, as well as their sympathy, due to our violation of international law and ignoring the U.N. when we invaded a country that was not an imminent threat to us. We know that Americans are not any safer as a result of our invasion and occupation. Just the opposite. We have created more terrorists and America-haters than there were before the invasion. One conservative estimate is that the number of “resistance fighters cum terrorists” has risen from 5,000 to 20,000 in the past two years. We know that our port and airport security is inadequate, and we have found out that the Department of Homeland Security could not even efficiently handle the aftermath of a hurricane.

We know now that not only have we cut nearly every social program we have to help disadvantaged Americans, from food stamps to clinics, schools, fire and police and libraries. We know we are now over 8 trillion dollars in debt, much of which is owned by foreign countries! We know that this war is putting us about $9 billion dollars a month into hock. We remember that President Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.” We know one kid in five in our “rich” country is growing up in poverty, and that over 40 million people don’t have health insurance. We suspect that Eisenhower was right.

We know that we have Saddam Hussein in custody. Mission accomplished. We know that our goal in Iraq was supposed to be getting rid of him, and we did that. We know that we are still looking for Osama Bin Laden, and that we will probably not find him in Iraq. We know that every day we spend money that we don’t have on the military brings us closer to national bankruptcy. We know that inflation is out of hand as we keep fighting an expensive war on credit. We know that average houses and apartments in desirable areas can cost a million dollars these days, and that 2 weeks in the hospital can wipe out a life’s saving. We are beginning to suspect that deficit spending on this war may have a lot to with a loss of confidence in the inflated dollar.

We are beginning to realize that in addition to the thousands of American military personnel that have been killed, there are estimates of 35,000-200,000 dead Iraqis. The maimed and mutilated numbers are many times higher. How many more will be killed or injured as the violence escalates every day due to our presence there? We now have 161,000 Veterans of the first Iraq war in 1991 on disability, many from exposure to chemical agents and depleted uranium ordnance. There will soon be many more thanks to this seemingly endless war.

The real driving force behind the war, oil, is never mentioned these days in the smoke of the governmental propaganda machine, but motorists paying high prices for gasoline suspect that war for oil may not be the best way to assure a cheap energy supply. If you add the cost in war expenditure in money and blood to the price per gallon, you might find that you are paying a lot more than what the pump reads.

If we do not start seeking peace with the same enthusiasm with which we wage war, we are headed down the slippery slope to national disaster. The longer the Iraq war drags on, the closer this great country gets to total bankruptcy: financial, physical, and moral. Time to declare victory, leave, and start seriously seeking alternatives to Iraqi, Iranian, and Saudi oil. Let’s give peace a chance. Get out now!

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