Trick or Treat

By Uncle Bill Warner

Uncle BillAt the end of October, be prepared for the onslaught of little monsters at your doorstep begging for goodies. Coincidentally, the November elections come right after that and there will be a lot of candidates dressed up in shining armor begging for your votes to keep them in Congress. I refer in these vague, general terms to the Republicans, who are not doing much bragging about their record at the moment. Their inability to reduce poverty in this land, keep jobs at home, provide health care for everyone, solve the drug problem, pay down the national debt while providing tax breaks for the rich, control inflation, or make the world free for democracy sort of precludes them from running on their “accomplishments.” So what do they have left besides keeping gays from making their relationships legal and protecting embryos? Fear, my friends, fear.

Expect images of swarthy terrorists (who look nothing like Timothy McVeigh) to be flashed before you along with every kind of crisis they can manufacture to keep you good and scared. Lets see, will it be non-existent WMDs, North Korea’s missiles, Iran, Mexican workers without green cards… ?

The party in total control of this country at the moment would like you to believe that they are fiscally responsible (while running us into our present unimaginable debt), tough on crime (while allowing big corporations like Enron or Halliburton to loot and pillage billions), and saving us from terrorism (while creating terrorists with our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq faster than we can kill them) and saving American Values by destroying the Constitution. Do you feel better off and safer today than you did a few years ago before the Republicans took over? Even FEMA isn’t working.

The bomb plot recently discovered in England eclipses the fact that the R’s just cut 6 million bucks from a program designed to detect explosives! Our homeland security is a joke. Ask anyone in charge at our ports if they feel security is adequate. Ask how many convictions there have been for terrorism resulting from our unlawful detention and torture of people who we suspect of nefarious activities, but are afraid to bring to trial for lack of evidence. Ask how many outraged Arabs have joined up with Al Qu’ida since the U.S. started destroying the infrastructure in Iraq with our “Shock and Awe” bombing, and killing off many thousands of their relatives. We will not even talk about our making civil war among the various factions in Iraq possible by removing the man that held them all together. Talk to a dozen Iraqis on the street in Baghdad and ask if things are better since the Americans invaded.

I, looking into my little crystal ball, predict three things that are going to happen around Hallowe’en and right after. 1) there will be LOTS of scary stuff dragged out of the closet to scare us enough to re-elect our fearless protectors in Washington. 2) there will be the usual cheating on election day…turning minority voters away, not counting provisional ballots, and doctoring results with voting machines designed, programmed, and controlled by private companies like Diebold (owned by a highly partisan, high profile Bush supporter). 3) there will be well-financed smearing and demonization of Democratic candidates on the Republican-controlled media. Of course I could be wrong. All I have to go on is history.

FDR once told Americans, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Where is he today to keep us mindful of that before we get tricked rather than treated again this year?

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