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Where Is My Party?

By Carolyn Westmoreland

Carolyn WestmorelandWe no longer have two political parties. Too many Democrats and Republicans are supported by contributions from the same big corporations and have joined in agreement to support a global economy. Global capitalism is the result, and the people of the globe, around the world and here at home, are the losers.

Both Democrats and Republicans continue to pass legislation that fosters war. Foreign governments from all over the world are buying weapons that are manufactured in the US. They also buy the means to deliver the bombs from the US. War translates into money for corporations and misery for the people of the world.

Global free trade agreements translate into far less government restrictions on corporations. Less government restriction may sound good to you, but corporations operate under the sole mandate to maximize profits for their shareholders. They can be bad for the environment, bad for the community, bad for their employees, and even bad for their customers, but as long as they make money for their shareholders, they thrive. Regulations are needed to force them to do right by their other constituencies.

If corporations are not regulated, they move into resource rich areas, both home and abroad, and destroy once beautiful lands. After it is no longer profitable to drill their oil, mine their hillsides, or use whatever resource it is that has value to them, they leave these lands in ruin. Local people are left to deal with poor health, hunger, and contaminated water, and soil. The world’s labor force becomes essentially slave labor. Too many of our elected officials, both Democrats and Republicans, seem to believe that this is OK as long as these horrors are not happening in their own neighborhoods. Making money is the goal no matter what the cost is in human terms.

We don’t have to look too far to see global capitalism’s damage even here in the US. The following are just a few examples.

Corporations now transfer thousands of our jobs to other countries for lower wages and little or no benefits.

Our food is corrupted. Corporate boards vote to spend millions on slick advertising in order to sell processed food that is so loaded with additives and chemicals that the real food value is nearly lost. But, the shelf life is eternity, so it can be shipped anywhere without spoiling. From a corporate perspective that's good.

Corporate farming has created landless people worldwide. A few people profit, while the soil and ground water are depleted and poisoned. The pesticides used on these farms are harming agricultural workers and I’ve seen many reports telling about how whole neighborhoods situated near these farmlands have been adversely affected. This is one issue that hits close to home, as well as around the world.

To tell you the truth, I find it hard to believe that global capitalists care much about the public that supports them. Yes, I know that there are good politicians out there who do care, but there are far too few of them in office.

Where is my party? I no longer have one. I will vote for people who are looking forward and offering solutions that will work for all of us, and I will work against those who put profits over people and human values.

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