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Each of us writes under our own name. Each of us has our own issues of primary interest. We have come together as a group to encourage one another, to share our work, and to engage in dialogue. Each article produced by the group has been read and discussed by all the members, but each piece remains the work of the original author.

Bill Becker
Bill Becker, Retired
Three Rivers, CA
David Chandler

David Chandler, Teacher
Strathmore, CA

Merrily Davies
Merrily Davies, Teacher
Porterville, CA
Merrily Davies
Gil Franco, Writer
1935 - 2006
Porterville, CA
Marilyn Chandler McEntyre
Marilyn Chandler McEntyre, Professor
Santa Barbara, CA
David Roberts, MD
Visalia CA
Greg Seastrom
Greg Seastrom, Retired Professor
Visalia CA
Carolyn Waller
Carolyn Westmoreland, Artist
Strathmore, CA
Uncle Bill Warner
"Uncle" Bill Warner, Retired Teacher
Porterville, CA
Jeanie Warner
Jeanie Warner, Bookkeeper and Artist
Porterville, CA
Trudy Wischemann
Trudy Wischemann, Writer
Lindsay, CA

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